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Introducing FDM Breeder Mixes. 25-seed packs of top-shelf genetics, for about a buck a bean. Regular seed, taken from the same stock as the rest of the FDM line, just "mixed up" a bit.

These mixes have quality genetics from projects that took a different direction, were superseded by a new generation, or discontinued lines. Growers will find a range of sativa-dominant phenotypes anchored around FDM’s Cinderella and Durban breeding lines, maturing between 8 and 10 weeks under a 12/12 light cycle.

Two mixes are available now: a Cinderella Mix, and a Durban Mix. $30 per 25-pack, or both mixes for $50. That’s right, a dollar a bean. So, play with that new soil mix. Dial-in that new lighting rig. Find the pheno that is your signature cut. Keep the best, cull the rest.

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