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New Release: Indiana Bubblegum

After a couple of years of breeding and several months of testing, Fleur du Mal is releasing its latest heirloom preservation project, Indiana Bubblegum.

This release is the the second backcross (bx2) of our 1991-vintage original Indiana Bubblegum cut. We first backcrossed with a selected male from the 1998 release of Serious Seeds’ Bubblegum, then backcrossed again with two selected males from the progeny. The result is a highly-stabilized seed line of this original American classic, selected to grow with fidelity to the mother. 

Phenotypically, FDM Indiana Bubblegum is almost perfectly balanced between sativa and indica archetypes, providing the best of both worlds in a classic hybrid format. Frosty, medium-large buds on longish colas, ready at 60 days. Potent, balanced head with good body and cerebral effect. Classic sweet bubblegum terp profile. Strong mold and pest resistance and virtually bullet-proof dioeciousness. Picks up some nice color at harvest with cooler temperatures.

Starting with the Serious Bubblegum cross as the male accelerates the “cubing” process and results in this bx2 release having around 88% of the genotype of the original clone mother, which should allow for very predictable and uniform expressions amongst the progeny. Ultimately, I want to complete the cube with a third backcross, but given the interest in the strain, and the excellent early results we’re seeing with the bx2 generation, we decided to make this available now.

Available now at FDM, UK420 and Pips Seedbank

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A Great 420 Day to All!

It’s 420 all month at Fleur du Mal, and to celebrate the news that our brothers and sisters in four more states can celebrate legally with us this year, all FDM original and heirloom varieties are 15% off throughout April with the code 420FOUR.

Every order over $150 will also get free shipping with tracking, and a special pre-release sampler pack of our upcoming heirloom release of Indiana Bubblegum. 

We’ve been working on stabilizing this classic American mixed sativa strain from the 1970s for two years, using an original Indiana Bubblegum cut dating to ’91 backcrossed with a selected Serious Bubblegum male from their 1998 release. 

We have completed two backcrosses and expect to release the third backcross in July, which should be 98% stabilized and true-breeding. If you can’t wait til then, be sure to get in on this limited pre-release of this second backcross generation of an American cannabis classic.

To top it off, those residing to one of our newly free states – New York, New Jersey, Virginia and New Mexico, will get a special gift in addition to the 420 savings on any order delivered to those liberated territories. Let freedom reign!

Indiana Bubblegum at 55 days
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Fleur du Mal now available in the UK

UK customers can now source Fleur du Mal Seeds locally from two online seed shops. Our longterm partnership with has been renewed and restocked with our bestsellers – Generals Daughter, Janis, Cinderella 99, Sweet Tooth #4, African Queen and ESB.

And now, we are a featured breeder at the newly launched Pips Seedbank. Pips is the only UK seed shop offering the complete Fleur du Mal line, including a Princess 88, Durban-Thai HIghflyer and all of our Breeders Mixes. Best of all Pips takes credit and debit cards, bank transfer and bitcoin. They are offering 10% off your first order with the code FDM-10

Of course, FDM is already available to our friends in Europe at Cannapot, which carries our complete line of original and heirloom strains for shipment worldwide.

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New Release: OG Mix

FDM has added a new breeder’s mix to our line. The OG Mix comes out of our OG-OG breeding project, and includes a diverse mix of some of the most elite OG Kush cuts available in California, including SFV, Tahoe, Platinum, True, and Fire OG, matched to our Janis and Cinderella breeding males. 

Like all mixes, the OG Mix is a veritable box of chocolates, but early trials are showing a substantial general improvement in structure, vigor and yield across the board, owing to the great structure of the Janis and Cindy males, while the variety of OG mothers is expressed in terpene and flavonoid differences. 

If you’ve never had the chance to grow an OG and wanted too, the OG Mix is a great place to go find you some serious gas, for as little as a dollar a bean. 

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Fleur du Mal now available in Europe

Fleur du Mal Seeds is excited to announce that our full line of original and heirloom strains is now available at Cannapot, Europe’s leading online cannabis and hemp seedbank. Now customers across the Continent have easy access to the FDM line, with local shipping and payment options including credit cards, direct debit or transfer, and bitcoin. To kick things off we are sending special gift sample packs with every purchase. Please click over and check out what Cannapot has to offer today.