General’s Daughter

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Our signature cross of G13 x Cinderella. Potent, oily and pungent, the legendary G13 is bulked up and smoothed out by Cinderella, delivering a potent head and aromatic “orange black tea” flavor,  balanced equally between sativa and indica. Originally developed with the G13 Airborne clone and a pre-2000 vintage release of Cinderella 99. One of the best G13 hybrids available.

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10+ regular seeds
Lineage: G13 x Cinderella 99
Sativa/Indica mix: 50/50
Indoor maturation period: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: mid- to late October

2 reviews for General’s Daughter

  1. AgentCooper

    Now this stuff does have a kick. This is now my favourite strong indica.

    This strain might be old but it still has a kick which can keep up with today’s modern trendy heavy hitters. But this one beats it as, like with the rest of the FDM lineup, the high is lovely and relaxing.

    A lot of modern strains I’ve tried from the big seed banks can make me edgy if I smoke them without a bit of alcohol. FDM and Baud’s stuff is the exception. You can tell there some craft and love behind them.
    I love this strain. Once I’ve had enough and I want to chill and veg out I reach for this one. An hour after I had it I want usually crawl into bed.
    The GD smells amazing, grows like buggery, tastes fantastic and kicks your ass when you smoke a lot of it. 10/10.

    I’ve said it in my other reviews. But if you want 3 of the very best of the best which cover Sativa-Indica and everything between, grow this, Janis and the African Queen.

  2. Laz

    Still a great strain …. some excellent males in the mix too!

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