African Queen

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African Queen is a combination of two classic indoor sativas: the great local landrace sativa of Durban, South Africa, with it’s clear, energizing and potent head, and delicate anise and leather terpene notes; and Cinderella 99, Soul’s classic stabilized sport of Jack Herer with its terrific structure, potency, and sweet citrus overtones.

Together they deliver a soaring up and long-lasting head perfumed with a spicy floral aroma that suggests sangria or mulled wine.

The combination with our original ’98 C99 has dropped the flower time and rounded Durban’s classic licorice notes with fruit and sweetness. The head is dialed up by the C99 influence, becoming more energetic and psychoactive.

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10+ regular seeds
Lineage: Durban x Cinderella 99
Indoor maturation period: 60 – 70 days
Outdoor harvest: mid to late October

1 review for African Queen

  1. AgentCooper

    The best weed I’ve ever smoked. I know the phrase ‘elite’ and ‘connoisseur’ gets thrown around a lot in the cannabis world but FDM and Baudelaire are really a cut above the rest.
    I’ve been growing for around 5 yrs and done most of the big famous strains like Jack Herier and most of Sensi’s offerings and Barnies/Dutch Passions famous strains, and thought I’d seen it all. But then I grew African Queen and was blown away. This stuff is in a calibre of it’s own.
    For a Sativa dom the structure was superb. Very little strech for a Sativa too. But the buds were so uniform, and compact. The leave/bud ratio is the best I’ve seen on any plant, never mind it’s Sativa. It grew like a nice Indica hybrid.
    All the seeds I germinated were super healthy. I’ve got a lovely mother plant of this which always looks super happy and healthy.
    The plant was a dream to grow. Very forgiving and easy. A good plant for the novice.
    Not the stickiest plant I’ve ever grown. But it certainly wasn’t lacking in trichs either. Also not the strongest smelling plant too, so good for covert grows.
    But the taste, smell and high are just 10/10 for me. Also, for a Sativa dom it dosn’t make me edgy. It’s made every other strain I’ve ever smoked/grown seem mediocre. I’m never going without this stuff as it’s the best strain by far I’ve ever grown and smoked.
    If you wondering what convinced me to try this reletively unknown and criminally underated strain was the UK420 forums and the legend OldTimer1 (OT1). If you comb through OT1’s forum posts he spoke very highly of Baudelaire work. And considering OT1 contributions to the world of Sativas, that was enough for me to give this plant a go.
    If you are looking for an easy compact Sativa dom to grow give this plant a go. You won’t be disapointed. This really is some connoisseur stuff.
    It’s also a pretty good yeilder. I think in a big setup you could get a considerable amount of this plant if everything was dialled in.
    In my next grow I’m planning to do all FDMs flagship strains as I don’t think you can go wrong with them. If they’re half as good as this one I think it’ll be some of the finest canna around.
    Thanks Baud, you are doing stella work

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