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The Pearl meets the Widow and sings the blues. A tribute to legendary San Francisco blues singer Janis Joplin, this cross between Sensi Seed’s ’98 vintage Silver Pearl and a cross of original ’96 vintage DJ Short Blueberry x original Aloha White Widow brings fruity, frosty heavy buds with a balanced head.

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10+ regular seeds
Lineage: (Blueberry x White Widow) x Silver Pearl
Sativa/Indica mix: 60/40
Indoor maturation: 8-9 weeks

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  1. AgentCooper

    Simply wow. I don’t know why this strain isn’t more popular because its lovely stuff.
    Last year on a whim I decided to grow FDMs African Queen (AQ) and got a free seed of Durban Thai High Flyer (DT). I wasn’t expecting much but what grew blew my mind. They both went on to be my favs.
    After them I thought I must try the rest of FDM specials. In this run I grew Janis and Generals Daughter (GD). And again, simply wow. Some the best I’ve grown and some of the best I’ve smoked.
    For me the Janis sits in the middle of othe AQ and the GD. It’s not as Sativa leaning as the AQ, but doesn’t knock you out like the GD.
    The high is lovely. Numbs the body a bit so good for aches and pains. But you can function. Not as rushy as the AQ. I quite like this when I’m having a beer and gaming as I can still function and do stuff, although a bit more slowly.
    If I had to choose 3 strains to grow for the rest of my life it would be the Janis, the African queen and Generals daughter. Every one of them is a 10/10.

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